About Us

We are the third generation of a family of successful tailors. We believe in the technological changes of a digital world that constantly modifies the way that detail markets behave. Our mission is to give our customers comfort and elegance. From the finest couture and fashion runways, we are dedicated to affordable prices for your day to day wardrobe.

Our history goes back to the 1960s when our grandfather, son of tailors, moved to Latin America and opened several lucrative clothing factories. In the 1980s following the family legacy, his son takes the lead and enters the production of casual fashion being a total success the “home run” in the region. Later in the 1990s and early 2000s, the family business continues to successfully adjust to the new trends always creating superior and unique products.

With the family tradition of innovation and leadership embedded in our DNA, VBK (Virtual Brands Kingdom) was created as an alliance of our brands, unifying our entire being under one umbrella that covers and continues to open in a virtual world.


Our vision 

We strive to become world leaders on the retail and wholesale virtual market, always creating unique products, with great and innovative materials at the best possible prices.



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